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Piano tuner services

As a piano tuner and piano technician, I provide the following services. Click on any of the options below for more information. Want to ask a question or contact me directly? You can contact me directly here.

Piano tuning

With a passion for piano technique and piano tuning, I am happy to help you with your piano or grand piano. It doesn't matter whether you have an older, much-played grand piano or just a small practice piano. I always tune your piano or grand piano to the highest level.

Piano maintenance

Proper maintenance of your piano or grand piano is also very important for a solid sound. The strings in a piano should be tuned regularly. As a piano tuner and piano technician with over twenty years of experience, I will be happy to help you.

Piano appraisal

Would you like to buy or sell a piano? Perhaps you are not quite sure about the quality of the intended piano or grand piano. Therefore, you can come to me for independent piano appraisaland sales advice. I have years of experience in valuing grand pianos and pianos.