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What does a piano tuner cost?

Piano tuner charges different prices for several services summarized below.

What does piano tuning cost?

For tuning a regularly maintained piano I charge € 93 incl. 21%VAT. You will receive an invoice for this and you can pay by pin if you like.

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How much does maintenance and repair cost?

For servicing or repairing a piano, the cost depends on how long the piano needs to be worked on and if any new parts are needed etc. In that case, it is difficult to give a price for it here because the price depends on several factors.

For decades, Pianostemmer has been working on pianos and grand pianos. The most common work involves adjusting tuning pins, strings and applying proper tension. Replacing parts is often not even necessary. Read more about how a piano or grand piano is tuned here.

What does the appraisal of my piano or grand piano cost?

For the valuation of a piano I charge € 93 incl. 21% VAT. I then discuss in detail the condition of the piano or grand piano and what might need to be done to it or if it is a valuation for the insurance of the piano or grand piano, to know the value of your instrument. In the case of insuring your instrument, in most cases the insurance company wants a written report. This report is included in the price mentioned above.

If you have any questions about costs or would like more information, please feel free to contact me without obligation.