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Piano tuner and piano technician

My name is Jan Lensing, I am an experienced piano tuner and piano technician from Amsterdam. As a piano tuner, I have been tuning and maintaining grand pianos, pianos and Fender Rhodes at concert level in a professional yet always affordable manner since 1996. 

By concert-level piano tuning, I mean tuning your instrument in the same way and with the same intention as a concert grand piano for a musical performance. Even though in your case it may be an older, much-played grand piano. Or maybe just a small practice piano.

I have a passionate love of piano technique and specifically piano tuning. Whether it's grand pianos or grand pianos, I am fully committed to each instrument. Whether these are brand new, long played, for a concert, or for the first practice lesson at home. Everyone's grand piano or piano is tuned with utmost intention. Passion and professional honor still have meaning for me.

Piano tuning for everyone

I tune for fathers, mothers, children, schools, also for many professional musicians, concerts(Radio Head, Oleta Adams, Tori Amos, Jack Johnson, Do, Jan Vayne, Ruben Hein and many others), theaters(AFAS Live, Frascati, People's Place (Tommy Hilfiger), recording studios, TV programs, conservatory and piano teachers, restaurants, cafes, festivals and welfare mothers and especially for those who just love to play the piano...

Making an appointment easily

Would you like me to drop by soon to tune your piano or grand piano? I tune mainly in Amsterdam and surrounding areas such as Haarlem. You can always make an appointment. As a piano tuner and technician you can always call or e-mail me, of course without any obligation, if you want more information. For example, about the costs of piano tuning, repairs, appraisals and the like. On the contact page you will find my phone number and email address.

And finally, my motto as a professional:

"The less practiced, the more not conceived."

I am at your service!